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IET Band Massive Kit

Image of IET Band Massive Kit

$140.00 - On Sale

If you are not 18 you MUST read our PURCHASE DISCLAIMER before ordering.

This is the end all be all kit for tying your IET Bands!!!!!
Included is
The Trinity System, with DVD 2 effects from Justin miller, Justin's Thoughts Practice Thread and everything you need to start Tying right out the box.

The LEK, with DVD, 3 effects from Justin miller Including Ring Slide that changed Craig Petty's mind about IET, 300ft of Legacy 2.0 in a thread case, scissors and everything you need to start tying on the fly!

And If that is not enough!!!!!!!

1,000ft of Legacy Thread 2.0 in a thread case.

you will never be without your IET Bands Again!!!!

Sold Out